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    The Companies We Have Helped to


    Featured eCommerce Case


    E-commerce Store Sibereon Increased Sales x10

    Sibereon – an online store with products of its own brand Nisus for camping, fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation. Market – the USA.

    The key factor of success was the choice of Google Ads machine learning algorithms. The best result was brought by the Smart Shopping campaign – with its help we managed to get maximum impressions of the products and increase sales.


    "With the right preparation process and thoughtful management, we were able to take advantage of machine learning benefits in Google Smart Shopping and multiply sales in a few weeks"
    Aleksandr Akhmadyrshin, project manager
    Sales increased
    ROAS achieved

    More Cases

    Increased Conversions by 37% and Decreased CPA by 28% for the European FinTech Company

    x2 Increased the Number of Leads for Phuket Real Estate

    Targeted Google Ads Leads for the US Commercial Real Estate Broker

    Advertising Solutions For eCommerce Sites That We Use

    Using proven solutions, we find your customers who are interested in your products and reach with them at all stages f the consumer journey. We also work with existing customers to increase loyalty and repeat sales

    Microsoft Shopping Ads (Bing)

    Allows you to reach a new audience using search engines Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo.

    Microsoft Merchant Center Support

    A successful Microsoft Shopping PPC starts with a well-maintained product feed and Microsoft merchant center account.

    Microsoft Free Listings

    Microsoft features that allows you to display free shopping ads.


    We use conversion tracking to unlock automation and improve efficiency. It also allows us to calculate the campaign ROAS or CPA, to see if the campaign is cost-efficient.

    Google Ads

    Shopping, Performance Max, Search, Display, Remarketing, Discovery Ads, Brand Ads, DSA, RLSA, UAC and more.

    YouTube Ads

    Define and connect with your high-intent audiences with Custom Audiences and right ads format for your business goals.

    Website UX Audit Is An Important Part Of Our Work To Scale Your eCommerce Businesses

    Website quality directly affects your business and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Therefore, we will analyze your website, give an assessment and offer recommendations that will help to improve the user experience.

    Is Your Website Built On Shopify, WooCommerce Or Another eCommerce Platform?

    We know that merchants face many challenges and have many questions when working with Shopify or other platforms, and we have a lot of experience in this field. Here are some examples of topics that we can consult you on and help:

    • How to set up Shopify integration with Merchant Center, Google Ads, and Google Analytics properly
    • How to display the reviews that are currently available on the website and customize them in Google Shopping
    • Prices in ads are displayed incorrectly
    • How to set up a promo code with a discount on certain products in your ad
    • Google sent a warning about account suspension after 28 days if the discrepancy between prices on the website and in the Merchant Center will not be corrected (product price, taxes, shipping)
    • Ads don’t display the whole product range available
    • What are the effective solutions to increase the average check, repeat purchases, and return of abandoned carts

    Why Lira?

    Certified PPC & Analytics & CRO Experts

    We are a Premier Google Partner, the entire team has actual certification and constantly updating the knowledge

    We Do Care

    And we mean it. We are looking for a long-term partnership because we care about every client and support his business growth with years

    Global eCommerce Experience

    We managed the ads for our clients in 19 countries in different languages, and supported the business expansion to new markets via PPC

    Selected Clients Only

    We don't take any project for the sake of the project. We work with selected businesses where we can really add value and bring the result


    We are data-driven. We set clear KPIs, provide weekly and monthly reports, and we are open about our work process


    We are a remote team and that's safety is important. We are happy to collaborate directly or via UpWork to control the agreement

    Only the most successful agencies receive the Google Premier Partner status. We are one of them.
    Our experts have reached the highest level of official certification and have a proven track record in managing Google Ads products.

    How We Work

    1. Honest conversation

    We'll start with a friendly conversation via email or call to understand what your business needs are right now, what ads you have tried before. At this stage, we want to understand your business, and we want you to understand our business. We will honestly tell you if we are the right agency for your particular case or not.

    2. Audit and strategy

    If we think we can help you, we will conduct a technical audit of your accounts as well as a marketing audit to see where your business is growing. Based on the analysis obtained, we will develop a strategy and action plan that will take into account your specific business goals and KPIs.

    3. Implementation

    We will implement the planned tasks, focusing on strategical and accurate actions. The entire progress of work will be transparent to you and visible in weekly reports.

    4. Analysis and optimization

    Our team will constantly track the ad campaigns results to assess whether we are making a profitable investment and whether the desired goals and KPIs are being achieved. Based on the data received, we will make decisions: optimize, disable or scale campaigns, as well as build new hypotheses for development

    We’re Not The Best Fit For Everyone

    We Do Work With:

    • Companies at the growth stage with proven market demand for the products they sell
    • Companies that are ready to invest in ad spend from $2,000 per month
    • Companies looking for an agency that is capable of solving problems itself within the frame of business goals
    • Companies that understand our approach, share their values and vision with us

    We Do NOT Work With:

    • With companies that are at an early stage of development and yet to confirm their business idea
    • Companies looking for the lowest contractor price
    • Companies that are looking only for “working hands” to carry out their detailed described tasks under strict control

    Ecommerce PPC Packages and Pricing

    Full PPC Support

    For those who are looking for Senior specialists for permanent PPC management. The cost depends on your monthly ad spend.

    Among the listed advertising channels, we will not necessarily launch everything in a row, moreover, somewhere it is not advisable. The strategy will always be individual and agreed with you before the start of work, the list indicates among which we can make a choice.

    Monthly Ad Spend$900 — $10,000$10,001 — $50,000$50,001 — $100,000$100,000+
    One time setup (1st month)$1,200$1,200$1,200$1,200
    Management Fee$1,000$2,500$5,000$7,000
    KPI bonus (starting from the 3rd month)1% of revenue from our channels for the minimum KPI;
    1,5% of revenue from our channels for the target KPI.
    1% of revenue from our channels for the minimum KPI;
    1,5% of revenue from our channels for the target KPI.
    1% of revenue from our channels for the minimum KPI;
    1,5% of revenue from our channels for the target KPI.
    1% of revenue from our channels for the minimum KPI;
    1,5% of revenue from our channels for the target KPI.
    Google Ads: Shopping campaign or Performance Max
    Google Ads: Search-
    Google Ads: DSA-
    Google free listings Ads
    Buy on Google Ads
    Microsoft Ads: Shopping Campaign-
    Microsoft Ads: Search-
    Facebook Ads: Dynamic Remarketing-
    YouTube Ads: Video Action Campaign--
    Weekly performance and targeting optimizations
    Hypothesis testing and scaling
    Product feed optimisation
    Ecommerce PPC ROAS reporting
    Google Analytics Management
    Project working group of 2 PPC-experts and 1 project manager

    Starter Pack

    One time setup Google Ads for Ecommerce

    For those who are looking for a one-time setup to launch Google Ads and plan to maintain advertising on their own in the future.

    This package is useful for those who launch the ads for the first time or have already tried to do something by themself but failed.
    We will help you to make all the necessary settings for the launch and proper operation of Google Ads from the first days.

    One time setup (1 month)$1,200
    Google Ads integration & goal tracking
    Google Analytics integration & goal tracking
    Google Merchant Center integration
    Setup Google Smart Shopping сampaign (including setup the optimal structure, optimal bid strategy, optimal budget, launch and support of the first week)
    Setup Google free listings Ads
    Setup Buy on Google Ads (US)
    Preparation of support recommendations


    We only work with a client if we believe we can bring great results to the client’s company. Let’s start with a conversation about your business and your goals. We will give you an honest answer whether our agency is suitable for your particular case.

    Leave information about yourself below, and we will contact you shortly:

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