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Targeting that shows customers what they want even if they've never searched for it before
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When used correctly, Twitter ads can be a hidden gem for SaaS

Our Latest Success Story

Seed Round

Total Funding Amount: €16.8M

Expanded Into New Markets & Increased Conversions by 37%, Decreased CPA by 28% for the European B2B Fintech Startup

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Finom started as a global player from day one. After a successful launch of invoicing MVP in Italy, they started to expand rapidly into other European markets with other banking services. 

Their next target market was France, and then Germany, where they faced severe competition and thus a high cost of customer acquisition. The challenge was clear: how to obtain a fair share of such a mature market as the German one, yet stay profitable?

Ivan Sivokhin, Head of Performance Marketing at Finom

“We had doubts regarding the quality of leads from broad match keywords, so we did an experiment first. But after we got quite good results, we adopted the approach. Now it helps us to scale.”
More Conversions
Decrease in CPA
Increase in Conversion Rate

What You Get From Our SaaS PPC Management

  • A thorough PPC strategy to help improve the quality of leads and volume of conversions
  • The most powerful Google Ads Tracking & Google Analytics Tracking setup that will blow the bottom of your funnel
  • Iterative increase in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by senior specialists
  • Weekly and monthly reports

What Our Clients Are Saying

Vitaliy Myshlaev

Co-Founder at
(Global market)

Katia Lipnitskaya

Head of Digital at GetTransfer
(Global market)

Daniel Huth

Co-Founder & CEO at Klinikheld

“Highly recommend them! Artem and his team helped our SAAS product achieve all metrics for our paid traffic plans. As a result, expand markets globally and improve ROI. Deep understanding of Google and Facebook Ads. Great communication. Detailed follow-ups for each call. Stick to the schedule. Artem’s team provided us with a very strong foundation for our paid marketing strategy and campaign structure. They revamped the whole PPC engine for our SAAS tool from just signup tracking to acquiring only highly motivated users with better activation rates and qualified leads for the sales process.”

I was really satisfied with every second I spent with Lira. I would recommend them to anybody. I tested more than 20 agencies during my work as head of digital, and I wouldn’t spend the time to leave a review on half of them.

The first great aspect of their work was how they say and do things without delay. When they promised us a certain launch date for an ad, they always made sure to follow it. Other agencies will find excuses when they can’t fulfill their promises, but Lira always had great timing, and that was critical for me.

Another thing of note was how their team had a concrete structure for every step of the project. They developed plans and did exactly as we discussed. We never needed to repeat anything twice.

Lastly, Lira had very good analytics and reporting. At the end of every month, they sent us a report containing all sorts of analytics and suggestions on which direction we should take to help us move faster.

“Artem (Lira) is one of the best performance marketers I have met so far. Our ads are very successful and we owe him a lot. He is a master of his craft and is also up-to-date with current challenges. I’m looking forward to being able to draw on his services again shortly.”

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