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We’ll run ads for your store on Shopify, and you’ll be profitable in 60 days. If you aren’t, then you’ll get the next month for free.

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What You Get from Our eCommerce PPC Management Services

  • thorough eCommerce PPC strategy to help scale your business, volume of sales, and get rid of low-performing advertising channels
  • The most powerful Google Ads Tracking & Google Analytics Tracking setup 
  • Iterative increase in the effectiveness of advertising campaigns by senior specialists with all necessary qualifications
  • Easy communication with team members, timely replies
  • Proactivity and dedication from the whole team. We’re here to help you on every step of the way.
  • Transparent weekly and monthly reports and a thorough action plan in advance


What Our Clients Are Saying

Vitaliy Myshlaev photo

Vitaliy Myshlaev

Co-Founder at (Global market)
Highly recommend them! Artem and his team helped our SAAS product achieve all metrics for our paid traffic plans. As a result, expand markets globally and improve ROI. Deep understanding of Google and Facebook Ads. Great communication. Detailed follow-ups for each call. Stick to the schedule. Artem’s team provided us with a very strong foundation for our paid marketing strategy and campaign structure. They revamped the whole PPC engine for our SAAS tool from just signup tracking to acquiring only highly motivated users with better activation rates and qualified leads for the sales process.
Katia Lipnitskaya photo

Katia Lipnitskaya

Head of Digital at GetTransfer (Global market)
I was really satisfied with every second I spent with Lira. I would recommend them to anybody. I tested more than 20 agencies during my work as head of digital, and I wouldn’t spend the time to leave a review on half of them. The first great aspect of their work was how they say and do things without delay. When they promised us a certain launch date for an ad, they always made sure to follow it. Other agencies will find excuses when they can’t fulfill their promises, but Lira always had great timing, and that was critical for me. Another thing of note was how their team had a concrete structure for every step of the project. They developed plans and did exactly as we discussed. We never needed to repeat anything twice. Lastly, Lira had very good analytics and reporting. At the end of every month, they sent us a report containing all sorts of analytics and suggestions on which direction we should take to help us move faster.
Daniel Huth photo

Daniel Huth

Co-Founder & CEO at Klinikheld (Germany)
Artem (Lira) is one of the best performance marketers I have met so far. Our ads are very successful and we owe him a lot. He is a master of his craft and is also up-to-date with current challenges. I’m looking forward to being able to draw on his services again shortly.

Verified Cluth Reviews

Featured eCommerce PPC Management Case

E-commerce store Sibereon increased sales 10x

Sibereon is an online store with products of its own brand Nisus for camping, fishing, hunting, and outdoor recreation. Target market – the USA.

Our primary task was to increase online sales and ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

We set up conversion tracking and linked four systems: Google Ads, Google Analytics, Website, and Merchant Center. We set up and launched ad campaigns focused on business goals, and dealt with long-term tech support and development of all campaigns.

The key factor of success was the choice of Google Ads machine learning algorithms. The best result was brought by the Smart Shopping campaign – with its help we managed to get maximum impressions and increase sales.


"With the right preparation process and thoughtful management, we were able to take advantage of machine learning benefits in Google Smart Shopping and multiply sales in a few weeks"
Aleksandr Akhmadyrshin, project manager
Sales increased
ROAS achieved

More Cases

Increased conversions by 37% and decreased CPA by 28% for the European Fintech project

The 2-week test resulted in a 37% increase in conversions and a 28% decrease in CPA and was considered successful. Broad match keywords were used for the initial campaign and other countries. Finom increased the number of qualified leads, and 85% came from broad match keywords.

x2 increased the number of leads for the Phuket Real Estate company

In February 2021, the number of leads for this customer decreased. The current ad campaigns had been running for a long time, so their audiences started to burn out. The main goal was to increase the number of leads without increasing CPL and reallocate the budget to more prospective audiences. In March 2021, compared to the previous month, the number of leads from Facebook increased by 92%.

Targeted Google Ads leads for the US commercial Real Estate broker during the pandemic

A flexible approach and fast response to the client’s requests allowed us to keep a stable flow of leads (about 12-15 per week) in the constantly changing environment. Also, we helped the client to recover from the downturn in the commercial real estate market in the middle of the pandemic.

Our PPC team is ready to help.

We’ll run ads for your store, and you’ll be profitable in 60 days.
If you aren’t, then you’ll get the next month for free.

Tools We Use for eCommerce PPC Management

Using these tools we find customers interested in your product and reach out to them at every stage of CJ (customer journey). We work with the existing customer base as well, increasing loyalty and retention

Google Shopping

An advanced advertising tool based on machine learning algorithms. The future of online advertising is already here

Google Ads

Boost online sales with Search, Display, Remarketing, YouTube Ads, Discovery Ads, DSA, Standard Shopping Campaign, UAC and more

Google Free Listings & Buy on Google

Display free shopping ads on the Shopping tab, Google Search, YouTube, using Merchant Center

Merchant Center Support

A successful Google Shopping PPC campaign starts with a well-maintained product feed and a Merchant Center account

Microsoft Shopping (Bing)

Reach new audiences using search engines like Microsoft Bing, Yahoo, AOL, DuckDuckGo

Facebook Ads

Increase brand awareness, build user database, optimize your ads for conversions

Website UX Audit

shopify ux audit

User experience (UX) Audit is crucial if you want to scale your eCommerce business. Website quality directly affects your business and the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. We analyze your website and offer recommendations to improve UX.

Is Your Website Built on Shopify, WooCommerce, or Another eCommerce Platform?

Merchants face many challenges and tend to have many questions about Shopify and other eCommerce platforms, and we have a lot of experience in this field. Here’s what we can consult you on and help with:

  • How to set up Shopify integration with Merchant Center, Google Ads, and Google Analytics properly
  • How to display the reviews that are currently available on the website and customize them in Google Shopping
  • Incorrect prices in ads
  • How to add a promo code with a discount on certain products to your ad
  • Google sends a warning about account suspension after 28 days if the discrepancy between the prices on the website and the prices in Merchant Center is not corrected (product price, taxes, shipping)
  • Ads don’t show the whole product range available
  • How to increase ARPU (average revenue per user), RPR (repeat purchase rate), and lower the shopping cart abandonment rate?

For Shopify store owners, we provide Shopify PPC Management services

Why Lira?

Certified PPC & Analytics & CRO Experts

We are a Google Partner Agency. The entire team has valid certifications and is constantly improving their knowledge. Your ads will be in reliable and highly knowledgeable hands

We Do Care

And we mean it. Looking for long-term partnerships only because we care about every client. Ready to support your business growth every step of the way and be a reliable partner

Global eCommerce Experience

We have managed PPC campaigns for clients in dozens of countries in multiple languages and helped them expand their businesses into new markets. Each member of our team has experience in working with overseas markets

Selected Clients Only

We don't take projects for the sake of taking projects. Only the selected businesses that we can add value to and deliver great results. Your business can be one of them!


We are data-driven. Clear KPIs, weekly and monthly reports, always ready to show results and talk about our progress. You won't be getting any vague explanations that make no sense, only figures and clear reports


Our team works remotely, and safety is very important for us. We are happy to collaborate directly or via UpWork to uphold the agreements. We can communicate using any preferred method

We are a Google Partner Agency.
Our experts have up-to-date official certifications and a proven track record in managing Google Ads products.

How We Work

1. Direct and honest conversation

We'll start with a friendly conversation by email or schedule a call to understand what your business needs are right now and what you have tried before. At this stage, we want to understand you and your business, and we want you to understand us. We will let you know if we are the right agency for your particular case or not.

2. Audit and strategy

If we think we can help, we will conduct a technical and marketing audit to see where your business can grow. Based on the analysis, we will develop a strategy and an action plan, according to your specific business goals and KPIs.

3. Implementation

We will implement the planned tasks with a focus on strategy. The entire progress will be transparent and visible in weekly reports.

4. Analysis and optimization

Our team will track the results of the campaigns to check ROI and see if the desired goals and KPIs are being met. Based on the data received, we will optimize, disable or scale campaigns, and build new hypotheses for further development

We Work With

  • Companies at the growth stage with proven market demand for the products they sell
  • Companies that are ready to invest in ad spend from $500-$1000 per month
  • Companies looking for an agency that is capable of solving problems itself within the frame of business goals
  • Companies that understand our approach, who share similar values and vision

Companies We Have Helped to Scale



We’ll run ads for your store, and you’ll be profitable in 60 days.
If you aren’t, then you’ll get the next month for free.

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