Our PPC Services

We’ve got core expertise in PPC management for small and medium-sized businesses in different industries. In our work, we cover Pay-Per-Click campaigns audit, setup & optimization. We work with web analytics, marketing automation, CRO, and strategy.

eCommerce PPC Management Services


eCommerce PPC management services. We select the best advertising channels for your niche: Search Ads, Display Ads, Retargeting, Shopping. We have experience with Google and Microsoft Shopping, Facebook Ads, feed optimization tools for eCommerce websites.

eCommerce PPC Audit

We’ll give personal recommendations that will help to increase the profits of your online store. The eCommerce PPC audit is based on years of experience of our best specialists and the latest trends in eCommerce advertising. We’ll also help to implement the recommendations.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Management Services will help your store boost the number of sales and increase customer loyalty. We find customers interested in your product and reach out to them at every stage of CJ (customer journey). We work with the existing customer base as well.

Microsoft Free Product Listings

Microsoft Shopping Management services will help your store find customers in the less popular but very profitable Microsoft ecosystem, including Microsoft Ads, Merchant Center, and Free Product Listings. Tap into new audiences and get more customers.

SaaS PPC Management Services

saas ppc management

We work with SaaS (Software as a Service) products and increase their ROI, signups, and MRR. We help products expand globally and deliver qualified leads. For better results, we combine advertising channels and tailor each of them to the client’s needs: Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more.

Real Estate PPC Management Services


PPC services for Real Estate businesses, realtors, agencies, investors. We target highly relevant customers in Real Estate. We have experience with different fields of pay-per-click campaigns, combining Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads for effective lead generation.

PPC Lead Generation Services

local services ppc

Managing PPC for local businesses, we target highly relevant customers for Law Firms and Attorneys, Clinics, and other services. We have experience with different fields of pay-per-click campaigns, combining geofencing Google Ads, Microsoft (Bing) Ads, and Facebook Ads for effective lead generation.


Advertising Channels

Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Twitter Ads
YouTube Ads
Microsoft Ads
LinkedIn Ads
Instagram Ads
Amazon Ads

How We Work

We’ll fine-tune your PPC efforts, help your target audience find your offer and convert to leads or purchases. We set clear KPIs and carefully manage the marketing budget.


Trust Our PPC Experts with Your Project

Lira Agency was founded by Artem Akulov, a leading PPC expert with 10+ years of experience.

We have been generating leads and sales for our clients since 2008. We’ve got core expertise in PPC management (Google Ads, Yandex Direct, Facebook Ads, etc), Analytics, CRO. Our experts have up-to-date Google Ads & Google Analytics Certifications.

  • We are data-driven and work with real performance data
  • We provide transparent reports, and work directly in client’s accounts
  • We track and optimize campaigns according to KPIs, and visualize data with dashboards

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Let’s discuss your current situation and goals. We’ll perform a 100% free audit to make sure we can help.