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Lira is an international company where free and happy people are helping businesses to grow globally.


We help strong companies around the world become stronger with thoughtful PPC management.

Artem Akulov

Artem Akulov

Founder & CEO

Xenia Volokitina

Xenia Volokitina

Performance Marketing Specialist

Aleksandr Akhmadyrshin

Aleksandr Akhmadyrshin

Project Manager

Vadim Turinov

Vadim Turinov

Performance Marketing Specialist

Viktoria Arsenteva

Marketing Manager

Max Zharkov

Account Manager

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Our Values

We Do Care

We are fully involved in projects and share the client's success. We are constantly asking ourselves questions: "What else can we do?", "How can we make the results even better?"


Every team member is free to choose where to work from, who to work with and everyone has the right to say "no".

Enjoy Your Job

Our job is our conscious choice, it's what we truly love and appreciate.

Provide Value

We focus on delivering value to the client. We get reputation and rewards from the value we create.


We trust the client and the team. We openly discuss issues, listen to everyone's opinion, and everyone has a voice. We strive to work in harmony, shoulder to shoulder.

Continuous Growth

We set ambitious goals, ready to learn something new and face change. We admit our mistakes quickly and are always ready to try another approach. We work on developing our hard and soft skills, and we love to experiment.
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If you’d like us to run your ads, let’s book a meeting where we’d assess your current situation, and goals and carry out a free audit of your marketing efforts to make sure we can help.