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PPC advertising is a type of advertising that allows advertisers to show their ads to users searching for products in search engines. The search engines get the payments for those ads.

SaaS or Software-as-a-Service is a type of cloud-based software that sells access to its services online. The software can be B2B or B2C-oriented. The main challenge of SaaS marketing is getting quality leads and signups. Attracting such leads can be quite successfully done with PPC. SaaS businesses often offer innovative products, and there may be no formed demand for them. SaaS PPC allows testing waters before launching.

PPC benefits for SaaS:

  • Often lower cost per lead

SaaS costs can get really high, advertising included. PPC advertising can get lower costs, especially if the targeted keywords are long tail and there’s not too much competition in the field, which is totally possible if the SaaS is innovative.

  • Reaching unique audiences

SaaS often offers specific solutions that aren’t common, so the target audiences can be more specific than just “females over 25 who work in real estate”. PPC allows targeting people with the correct keywords, interests, demographic, and location settings.

  • Customize your message for each audience

SaaS can have several lines of service for each audience they serve and the ads can be customized to fit each target audience.

  • Track exactly how each lead found you

The statistics are always available and each lead can be tracked precisely.

Lira Agency has extensive experience in SaaS advertising, and we know for sure what to do to attract quality leads. You are welcome to browse our resources and learn more about SaaS PPC.

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