Yandex Direct vs. Google Adwords/Bing Ads

Artur Svetozarov

In the current article, we observe the main differences between Yandex Direct and Google Adwords advertising systems. The Yandex Direct advertising system focus on the Russian-speaking market, but its work with English-speaking market too and you can get the traffic from there.

We won’t be to consider Bing Ads in detail because Bing Ads is not so different with Google Adwords.


Match types and negative keywords

Yandex Direct

Broad Match

Keywords will be shown all incoming search queries. For example, keyword iphone 6s will be shown on search queries:

  • iphone 6s cases
  • iphone 6s release date
  • iphone 6s price
  • iphone 6s wallpaper

You need to add max of negative keywords if you use broad match.

In Yandex.Direct you can use operators to refine a keyword:

  • !  Matches the form of the word (case, number, and tense).

For example, keyword: “buy !apple iphone”. Ads will be shown on search queries such as buy apple iphone, but it will not be show buy apples iphone

  • +  Matches stop words (auxiliary parts of speech and pronouns, and any words that do not add meaning).

Keyword: iphone +from hong kong

Ads will be shown on iphone from hong kong

Ads will not be shown iphone hong kong or iphone in hong kong

  • “ “  Matches the exact number of words. Displays ad for search queries that contain the keyword without any additional words. Repeated words are considered one word. It doesn’t match the order of words.

Example 1. Keyword: buy iphone

Ads will be shown on buy iphones or iphone buy

Ads won’t be shown buy iphone 6s or buy red iphone

Example 2. Keyword: buy iphone in shop in us. There are six words in the search query, but the preposition in is repeated and counted as one. So any single word can be added to the search query.

Ads will be shown on buy iphones in shop in us, buy red iphones in shop us and buy used iphones in us shop

  • [  ] Matches the order of words. This takes into account all word forms and stop words.

Keyword: tickets [from new york to moscow]

Ads will be shown on tickets from new york to moscow or cheap tickets from new york to moscow

Ads won’t be shown tickets new york moscow or tickets from moscow to new york

  • ( ) and | Group words in complex search queries.

Keyword: buy iphone (new york|los angeles)

Ads will be shown on buy iphone new york, buy iphone los angeles or buy cheap iphone in new york

Related keywords

“Related keywords are keywords which are automatically selected to extend the list of keywords set by the advertiser. These new keywords can help you increase your target audience and waste less time on selecting keywords.”

Yandex Related Keywords

Yandex Related Keywords

Negative keywords and phrases

There are 3 levels of negative keywords in Yandex Direct:

  1. Campaign. Campaign will be not shown on search queries content set negative keywords.
  2. Ad group. Keywords will be used only in Ad Group.
  3. Keyword. Keyword won’t be shown on search queries content negative words. It is done in order to avoid competition between keywords.

For example, keywords cheap hotels and cheap hotels london.

We need to add negative keyword london in cheap hotels so that to avoid competition:

cheap hotels -london

We can not add negative keyword on keyword level on Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Yandex Direct adds negative keyword on keyword level automatically or you can add it manually in Direct Commander.

Keyword will be shown if the negative keyword contains the keyword.

Below you can see the screenshot with an example of keywords adding on campaign level:

Yandex Negatives

Yandex Negatives

Note: “We can use operators and phrases in negative keywords.”

Placement exclusions

We can exclude placement in Google Adwords on group or campaign level. In Yandex.Direct ad network  we can add placements exclusions only on campaign level.

Google Adwords

Broad matc

Ads will be shown on all incoming search queries that include  misspellings, synonyms, related searches and other relevant variations. The symbols of Google Adword’s broad match is the same of the symbols of Yandex Direct’s broad match.

Broad match in Google Adwords is wider than Yandex Direct. For example, keyword man’s fitness can be shown on such search queries as boy’s fitness, man’s physical exercises, etc.

Broad match modifier

The search queries match the word and his forms. Keyword +buy +car  will be shown on such search queries as buy red car, buy used car.  The words “buy” and “car” necessarily will be in the search queries.

Broad match modifier does not consider word order.

Phrase match

A keyword is designated with quotation marks (“ ”). Ads will be shown on search queries that contains the keyword or close variations of it. In the queries additional words can be after or before. But they can not be into the keyword. And matches the order of words.

For example, keyword tickets new york london

Ads will be shown on the following search queries:

  • buy tickets new york london
  • tickets new york london sales

And ads will not be shown:

  • buy tickets london new york
  • tickets schedule new york london

Exact match

Ads may show on searches that match the exact term or are close variations of that exact term. Close variations here may also include a reordering of words if it doesn’t change the meaning, and the addition or removal of function words (prepositions, conjunctions, articles, and other words that don’t impact the intent of a search). Designated with brackets, the keyword [women’s hats] could show when someone searches on Google for “hats for women.”

Ads will not show if the search queries content other words into, before or after the keyword in the exact match.

For example, keyword [buy iphone] will not be shown on such queries as:

  • buy red iphone
  • buy iphone sales

Negative match

If you don’t sell red iphones you can exclude it red. Ads will not be shown on such queries as buy red iphone

Ads  of Google AdWords in contrast to the ads of Yandex.Direct will not be shown if the negative keyword contents the keyword

For example, keyword buy iphone and negative keyword iphone. In this case the keyword buy iphone will not be shown.

Placement exclusions

You can exclude placements from the Google Display Network on account, campaign or group-level.

Official Google Adwords article:

Bing Ads

On Bing Ads the match type is the same as on Google Adwords. Bing Ads has the same differents from Yandex Direct as the Google Adwords.

Official Bing Ads article about type match

Ad Formats

Yandex Direct

Search ads

Components of search yandex’s ad:

Yandex Search ads

Yandex Search ads

There are 3 main differs between the Google Adwords and the Yandex Direct advertising systems regarding search ads:

1. Quantity of valid symbols on Yandex Direct:

Title 1 — 35 symbols

Title 2 — 30 symbols

Ad text — 81 symbols

Display link – 20 symbols

4 Sitelinks – total length 66 symbols

Callouts – total length 66 symbols

2. Quantity of the symbols in Yandex Direct’s Ads doesn’t include quantity of the points, commas and exclamation marks the way Google Adwords Ads did

Example of Yandex Ad

Example of Yandex Ad

3. The Google Adwords and Yandex Direct’s Ads consist in a #2 title. The #2 title of Yandex Direct’s Ads will be shown not in all cases in contrast to the second title of Google Adwords Ads. The display of #2 title in Yandex Direct advertising system depends on the amount of space the two titles take up.

Don’t forget to add ad extensions: sitelinks, callouts and vcard.

Yandex Advertising Network (YAN) Ads

YAN is the analog of Google Display Network. There are two ad formats on YAN: Text & Image ad and Image ad.

Yandex Network Ad

Yandex Network Ad

Text & Image ad is the same as search ad. The only only difference is that you can add the image to ad.

Pay attention to Yandex’s recommendation:

Yandex YAN Recommendation

Yandex YAN Recommendation

You can add images to ads in Yandex.Direct in both the standard image size (with an aspect ratio of 1:1 to 3:4/4:3) and the wide-format image size. They will be served in ads on different sites. To make sure your ads with images get good coverage, it’s recommended that in each ad group you create two version of the same ad — one with a standard image size, and one with a wide-format image size.”

Use all formats of the ads in combination for increase your chances of getting good coverage in ad networks.

You can also add video to the Text & Image Ads:

Yandex Video Ad Extension

Yandex Video Ad Extension

An example of the video ads:

Example of Video Ad On Yandex

Example of Video Ad On Yandex

Image Ads are presented as banners. To create the Image ad you can upload ad creative or use templates:

Image Ads On Yandex

Image Ads On Yandex

Note: The YAN’s and search campaigns must be split in Yandex advertising systems in contrast to the Google Adwords.

Google Adwords


There are 3 types of ads on search:

  • text ad
  • call-only ad
  • responsive ad
Google Ad Formats

Google Ad Formats

Text ad. The prinсiple is the same as on Yandex Direct. There is other quantity of symbols.

Headline 2 is shown always.

Quantity of valid symbols on Google Adwords:

Headline 1 — 35 symbols

Headline 2 — 30 symbols

Description— 81 symbols

Display path – 2 path are each 15 symbols

Sitelinks – 25 symbols

Callout extension – 25 symbols

Google Text Ad

Google Text Ad

There are more extensions than on Yandex Direct:

Google Ad Extensions

Google Ad Extensions

Сall-only ad. This type of ad will display on mobile devices only. Clicks on these ads send user to call you from their smartphones.The Yandex Direct doesn’t support this type of ads.

Google Call-only Ad

Google Call-only Ad

Responsive ad. This ad’s format is supported on Google Display Network only.

Google Responsive Ad

Google Responsive Ad

Responsive ads are more flexible than ads on YAN (Yandex Advertising Network). The name speaks for itself =)

Google Display Network (GDN)

There are two types of GDN’s campaign:

  • Display network (standard display and gmail)
  • Ads on YouTube
Google GDN Ads

Google GDN Ads

GDN Ad Sub Types

GDN Ad Sub Types

The main differences between GDN and YAN are concluded in targeting and types of campaigns. There are many targeting options in GDN: audiences, demographics, keywords, topics, placements and automated targeting.

Targets on GDN

Targets on GDN

On Yandex Advertising Network we can choose basically keywords and remarketing lists (also choosing e-mail, telephone, but it is used seldom). When we choose keywords it works like content targeting and behavioral targeting together.

As we see there are less functions in the YAN than in the GDN.

Bing Ads

On the first step Bing suggest to import campaign from Google Adwords

Import Campaign to Bing from AdWords

Import Campaign to Bing from AdWords

Bing Ads is the young brother of Google Adwords. That`s why the difference between Bing’s ads and  ads of Yandex.Direct is the same of difference between ads of Google Adwords and ads of Yandex. Direct.