Guide: Call Reporting and Call Conversions for Google Adwords

Artem Akulov

What it is?

With “Call reporting” can be customized call tracking conversions and understand which ads and keywords given to conversion.


Why do it?

According to the analytics call-tracking service in the part of calls is on average 72% of the total sum of calls. In medicine 92% of clients accessed through the call through the call, and the conversion to a call to the customer of 3.61%.

Be sure to connect the “call reporting”, if you are working: real estate, medicine, construction, tourism, auto, beauty health. The part of calls in these sectors by 79%.

How to apply?

According to the data conversion calls can make optimization campaigns:

  • choose the right strategy for target CPA;
  • connect the “conversion optimizer”;
  • search keywords and to make conversion of alpha-beta campaign;
  • disable keywords and/or ads, which do not generate conversions;
  • calculate ROI on calls.

How to set up «Call reporting» in 3 steps?

Step 1: Set up the conversion.

Go: Tools → conversions → +conversion (red button) → phone calls. Then choose “Calls from ads using call extensions or call-only ads”

Phone Calls AdWords Phone Calls AdWords

Add a new conversion

Specify the name of the conversion value, call length, count, category and save.

Call conversion Settings Call conversion Settings

Set up calls with Google AdWords conversions.

Step 2: Connect the conversion of Google AdWords Editor.

Go to the Google AdWords Editor. Click the button “get recent changes” → “more data”.

Call Ads in AdWords Call Ads in AdWords

Turn on “call reporting”

In the «Ads» tab, select “call-only ads”. Put “included” in the “call reporting”. Choose your conversion to “conversion action”.

Click “post”.

Step 3. Bind to the ads Google phone number.

Select the desired type of campaign “call only”. In the tab “ads” select all ads.

Change Ads in AdWords Change Ads in AdWords

Change the advertisement.

Edit → change ads. In the tab “Show my ad with” choose “Google forwarding phone number”.

Use Google Forwarding number Use Google Forwarding number

Connecting the Google phone number in the ad.

Now you are considered for conversion calls.