How We Increased the Number of Orders by 3 Times for an Online Store in 6 Months

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A Hong Kong-based Apple Watch strap manufacturer. They have a visually appealing website, professional photographs and videos, and are quick to respond to trends, which has positively influenced their final results.

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The Challenge: to Achieve ROAS Greater Than 2

The main task that Unstrap set for us was to achieve a ROAS greater than 2. Achieving this target would ensure profitability for the client. Before engaging with our services, Unstrap had independently conducted several advertising campaigns but was unable to meet this goal.

Our Approach

We followed our standard framework:

  1. Set up analytics.
  2. Set up feeds.
  3. Launched basic Google Performance Max campaigns.
  4. Launched brand campaigns.
  5. Entered the campaign training phase.

First, we began working only in Hong Kong, and after a month, we launched ads in Singapore. The ads were in English and Traditional Chinese. The main difficulty was the high competition in this niche in China.

Next, we moved into a new market — the UAE. Here, our ads did even better than in Hong Kong and Singapore.


In July, we observed positive trends and were eager to increase our Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) closer to our target more quickly than initially planned. We started implementing restrictions earlier than outlined in our operating framework. This approach led to a significant decline in the campaign’s effectiveness. In the end of July, we rolled back these changes. Subsequently, the campaigns were retrained and returned to their prior level of performance, and then they gradually began to show improved results.

Entering New Markets

A post from a blogger in Saudi Arabia who purchased an Unstrap product unexpectedly boosted sales. Since we had already started global brand advertising campaigns, we quickly began to capitalize on this increased traffic.

Additionally, there was a surge in purchases from Saudi Arabia. Seeing this opportunity, we quickly launched advertising campaigns in that market the next day to keep up the momentum and generate more sales.

We also set up Google Free Listings to display free shopping ads in 80 countries. This strategy allowed the client to gain extra sales without spending more on advertising.

The Result

A lot of sales came from brand campaigns, while non-brand campaigns were accelerating very slowly. Our goal was to achieve the desired ROAS for non-brand campaigns, and we achieved this goal in September.

As a result, during our six months of work, the number of orders for Unstrap products increased threefold.

unstrap sales increased 3 times [graph]

What Else Could be Done for This Project

The project could be developed more by:

  1. Expanding to other Arabic-speaking countries.
  2. Starting advertising campaigns in Arabic.
  3. Creating video ads for YouTube.
  4. Launching campaigns in Europe, the USA, and Australia.

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