How We Increased Sign-Ups by 125% and Reduced Their Cost by 2 Times

The Client

A young B2B fintech company, a new player in the highly competitive UK market.

The Challenge: to Attract New Customers Using Google Ads

We were tasked with relaunching Google Ads for our client. Although they had existing ad campaigns, these were yielding few conversions and the cost per conversion was significantly high. Additionally, the client’s monthly advertising budget was limited, especially considering the high cost per click typical in this niche.

Our Approach

From the outset of the project, we carefully chose key phrases for our search advertising campaigns. With no budget for testing, we needed to immediately launch with phrases that best met our criteria: attracting a high volume of potential traffic while maintaining a reasonably low cost per click.

Using our carefully chosen list of queries, we launched our search campaigns. This approach began yielding conversions within our budget constraints. However, simply achieving conversions wasn’t sufficient; our goal was to increase them further.

To increase conversions, we decided to not only expand the budget but also reallocate it more strategically. We actively and consistently optimized the ongoing advertising campaigns, enhancing the ones that were performing well and yielding results. Conversely, we deactivated campaigns that were either not producing results or were doing so at a cost higher than our target cost per acquisition (CPA).

Additionally, it was crucial to keep the cost of conversions under control; we couldn’t let it escalate. To manage the CPA effectively, we employed the target CPA (tCPA) strategy.

The Result

We managed to increase the number of conversions from 24/week to 54/week. At the same time, the cost of conversions decreased from £60 to £45–50.

uk fintech case [graph]

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