5x Increase in Revenue Over 3 Months

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About Tintory

Online store specializing in natural linen bedding sets. The primary market is Germany, but there is also the potential to enter other European countries. Our goal was to establish a steady flow of orders from German customers and enter other European countries in the future.

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The Challenge: Attracting Customers Through Google Ads While Ensuring a Positive ROI for the Business

Tintory had already run Google Ads before partnering with Lira. But this did not contribute to revenue growth. Tintory was looking for an agency that would establish sales and at the same time achieve positive ROAS from this channel.

When we joined the project, the client already had an existing integration of their Shopify website with the Google Merchant Center, along with active Google Ads campaigns. Upon analyzing the current setup, we identified some technical issues:

  • Errors in the product feed.
  • Dynamic remarketing parameters were not being tracked. 

There was only one active Google Ads campaign — Standard Shopping for all active products. This campaign was optimized for the entire conversion funnel: from adding to cart to purchase. Therefore, at first glance, it appeared effective due to a substantial flow of conversions. But in fact, none of these conversions actually resulted in purchases.

Our Approach

1. First of all, we fixed all the technical issues. With the help of the Simprosys application, we accomplished the following tasks:

  • We set up the integration with Google Merchant Center and made sure that all products were imported without errors.
  • We set up the conversions tracking in the Google Ads account.
  • We set up dynamic remarketing parameters tracking.

2. We also activated Google Free Listings for all European countries in the Google Merchant Center. While we are actively preparing and setting up advertising campaigns for our primary market in Germany, this strategy enables the client to begin receiving free traffic from other European countries, which are currently of lower priority. Additionally, this approach provides valuable insights into where the greatest potential for expansion lies.

3. We launched new campaigns in Google Ads, including Performance Max campaigns that were segmented by top-level product categories. It was important to separate product categories into multiple campaigns, as products have different priorities and margins. It was also important for us to have the flexibility to manage budgets separately. We launched our campaigns with optimization for purchases only. We planned to add micro-conversions into the optimization strategy (adding to cart and checkout) if campaigns didn’t learn with this setup.

The Result

During the first 3 months of work with the client, we managed to get a 5-fold increase in revenue. 

Tintory Case Graph

At the same time, the cost of advertising campaigns paid off: we achieved a ROAS of 200% in May.

Additionally, 5% of the total sales during this period originated from Google Free Listings.

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