How We Increased the Number of Leads x2 for Phuket Real Estate on Facebook in Two Simple Steps


The client is a developer on Phuket island, selling under-construction apartments in a residential complex next to the incredible Bang Tao beach. The completion date of the residential complex is the end of 2022. The apartments are suitable for rental, family holidays, and permanent residence. The client’s office is located in Phuket, visitors are offered a complex tour. We have been working with this client since 2020.


In February 2021, the number of leads for this customer decreased. The current ad campaigns had been running for a long time, so their audiences started to burn out. The main goal was to increase the number of leads without increasing CPL and reallocate the budget to more prospective audiences.


In March 2021, compared to the previous month, the number of leads from Facebook increased x2 (by 92%).

What We Did

In February, we worked on one campaign for the Russian-speaking audience outside Thailand (worldwide) and for the English-speaking audience outside Thailand (worldwide). Also, we managed local campaigns (to Thailand) and retargeting.

As the tourist flow almost stopped due to the pandemic outbreak, there was no room for scaling local ads.

Therefore, we decided to relaunch global campaigns with the current targeting settings and ad text, but separate them regionally. Thus, we divided the Russian-speaking audience campaign into CIS countries, English-speaking countries, Asia and the Middle East, and European countries. The campaign for English-speaking users was divided into the United States and English-speaking countries except the United States, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

This division made it possible to optimize campaigns in a more precise way, turn off inefficient regions and reallocate the budget to more targeted areas. During weekly calls with the client, we promptly received feedback on the new campaigns’ lead quality and made adjustments to the campaigns. This way, we managed to increase the number of leads, improve their quality, and cut their cost by half.

Project Manager’s Feedback

We have achieved good results on this project, but the work still goes on. Further, we plan to develop other channels.

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