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Yandex Direct vs. Google Adwords/Bing Ads


In the current article, we observe the main differences between Yandex Direct and Google Adwords advertising systems. The Yandex Direct advertising system focus on the Russian-speaking market, but its work with English-speaking market too and you can get the traffic from there.

We won’t be to consider Bing Ads in detail because Bing Ads is not so different with Google Adwords.

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Manual For Analyzing Of Advertising Campaigns In Which Conversions Are Configured Wrong


When auditing third-party campaigns, sometimes it happens that conversions aren’t configured correctly or aren’t configured at all. In this article we’ll explain hot to analyze advertising campaigns in such situation.
We’ll use Google Analytics for the analysis. It analytic tool is suitable for any source of traffic.

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AdWords Script For Cleaning GDN Placements By Placement`s Titles


There is a huge amount of bad placements in Google Display Network (GDN). But in same time GDN is good source for ppc lead generation. If you are not use it, you do not get all leads and conversions you could. But if you use GDN but do not clean you placement`s list, you waste your money for sites about games, recipes, films, fun, etc.

Easy but very routine solution could be weekly manual cleaning of all placements. It could be in next flow:

  1. Get placement report for last week or day (depends on how many traffic you get from GDN)
  2. Click in each placement with clicks or more than 3 impression to check placement
  3. If placement is about one of common “bad” fields that often waste money (sites about games, recipes, films, funny videos, etc), copy those placements to Negative placement`s list in Shared library.

This is not rocket science, but it`s hard, needs time and we have to do it, if we do not want to waste money.

That’s why we decided to develop AdWords script makes same proces. There are ready to use AdWords scripts below.

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Guide: Call Reporting and Call Conversions for Google Adwords


What it is?

With “Call reporting” can be customized call tracking conversions and understand which ads and keywords given to conversion.

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How To Make KeyWord Research for Real Estate PPC Google AdWords


KeyWord Research  — base of Search PPC ad in Google AdWords. I describe process of keyword research for real estate company, agent, property management company, investors.

Ok. Let`s start. Step by Step. For example I make keyword research fo local real estate company in Phuket (Thailand) with such activities:

  • rent and sale real estate in Phuket (Thailand)
  • investment in real estate
  • property management

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3 Strategies of Search Remarketing Ads


Search Remarketing Ads is great for lead user to conversion (if they was on our site, but not converted) or for generate repeat and cross sales.

We use 3 strategies  of Search Remarketing for Google AdWords:

  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive

Deep in each strategy.

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