How To Make KeyWord Research for Real Estate PPC Google AdWords

KeyWord Research  — base of Search PPC ad in Google AdWords. I describe process of keyword research for real estate company, agent, property management company, investors.

Ok. Let`s start. Step by Step. For example I make keyword research fo local real estate company in Phuket (Thailand) with such activities:

Step 1 Basic mindmap

Main part of keyword research for me is mindmap. Quality of result keyword research depends on mindmap quality.
So I analyse site, Google Analytics Search Queries (need access to Google Analytics) to make mindmap. Simple basic mindmap will be (file).

Rent Real Estate in Phuket PPC mindmap Rent Real Estate in Phuket PPC mindmap

Step 2 Competitiors Research

I use SerpStat (analogue of SemRush) to analytics organic SERP and competitors. Goal is to find missing words or new ideas for branches.

After that I add new words to mindmap.

Step 3 Approve MindMap

Result mindmap I send to client for feedback. Maybe I missed something or added unnecessary words.

Step 4 Correct

After feedback if necessary I correct mindmap.

Step 5 Generate Phrases and pre-keywords

I generate phrases by multiply branches of mindmap. For example: if I multiply “What” + “Object” + “Where-Areas” I get phrases:

etc I multiply main branches in different combinations.

Step 6 Parsing

I parse each generated phrase on previous step via Special Software (KeyCollector + SerpStat). I receive deep keywords and variations.

Step 7 Cleaning

I Analyse result keywords and delete:

On this step I also receive negative keywords lists.

Step 8 Grouping (optional)

If I do not use SKAgs – I group result KeyWords on AdGroups

The Result of KeyWords Research is Google Spreadsheet with follow lists:

  1. List 1 – All parsed keywords
  2. List 2 – Cleaned KeyWords (ready for use on Google AdWords)
  3. List 3 – Negative KeyWords (ready for use in AdWords)