3 Strategies of Search Remarketing Ads

Search Remarketing Ads is great for lead user to conversion (if they was on our site, but not converted) or for generate repeat and cross sales.

We use 3 strategies  of Search Remarketing for Google AdWords:

Deep in each strategy.


Type 1 “Conservative”

Add Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) in usual search campaigns. In targeting for audiences choose “Only Bid”.

At first step do NOT add any modifiers for RLSA audiences. Just wait for collecting data on certain campaign for certain audiences.

After time analyse conversion rate and conversion cost (CPA, CPL). If for certain audience of search remarketing list CPA is lower than in Avg on campaign – increase bid modifier for this audience +15%.

Again collect data. After analyse:

Type 2 “Moderate”

Make copy of usual search campaigns with basic keywords. Add remarketing lists for search ads in new campaigns, but choose targeting type “Targeting and Bid”. In same time we have to adds same RLSA audiences in usual search campaigns as Negative Audiences at campaign level. We need this for delete competition between usual and RLSA campaigns on same keywords.

For text ads of RLSA campaigns we use same text ads as in relevant usual campaigns or we use custom text ads with special offers (based on previous user experience, previous sales, etc).

For example. We know that user regularly buys our products or services with avg period 25-30 days. So we make remarketing list for search ads with user that bought last time 25-30 days ago. And give them max relevant special offer in ads.

Type 3 “Aggressive”

More aggressive type of type 2.

Difference: in moderate RLSA strategy (type 2) we use same keywords like in usual campaigns. But in aggressive type RLSA campaigns we use max common high volume keywords:

The strategy goal – maximize ads frequency per use. Push-push-push.


RLSA strategy type 3 ≈  “Scorched earth” tactics.

Use RLSA strategy type 3 very carefully as an exception rather. Bid on not relevant keywords beat URL statistic, account quality score (QS), can cause a negative user. As result we have short-term results and serious consequences for the future (increase in cost of advertising in other campaigns in this account or for site, reducing conversion of users).

Additional usage of RLSA


Cuts “non-target audience”.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads is effective for negative targeting.

For example. Make in Google Analytics bounce audience (less 15 sec on site without any conversion). Add this audience as Negative audience on campaign level for search campaigns. (it`s effective to use this audience not only for search but for GDN remarketing campaigns).